Sitting Around Bored this Holiday Weekend?

Well so am I. I am starting this thread for two questions.

  1. I am trying to figure out where to go this weekend. Yes I didn’t plan anything, but I wouldn’t mind a good hike, mountain climb, or just a scenery walk somewhere that is not Kaohsiung City and away from people. Does anyone have any recommendations. I can go pretty much anywhere in Taiwan.

  2. If you are sitting around with nothing to do as well, would you want to accompany me to do any of the above things? I am open to suggestions as well as to where to go and what to do.


With the typhoon coming it wouldn’t be wise to go to green island or orchid island or another offshore island or go on a major trek into the high mountains.

If you go up to Taipei , you could take in the small trails around YMS, 7 star mountain? Wouldn’t be dangerous but still pretty fun.

Where is your preference to go can you please tell as after that only I can say suggest you and do you want to go just near Taiwan only or any other place will also work.

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