Six month teaching options?

I’ve recently moved here from China where was teaching English. I had planned to do a year (09/14-09/15) in China and then head back to the States, however after that school turned into a horror story, I left and came here to Taiwan. I’m now in Taipei looking for any type teaching job until September of this year. I know that most schools want at least one year out of teachers, but there has to be some school that wouldn’t mind, right? I know that it’s difficult for teachers who actually can do a year to find work. I’m more than willing to head to a smaller city if need be. Chinese is actually my main reason for coming to China & Taiwan. I have my BA in Chinese, and just wanted to get some immersion in.

If anyone has any advice, I’d appreciate it.

It’ll be a lot easier to find something if you say that you can commit for a year. You should be able to find some creative way to leave after six months.

Just decided to extend my time here for more than a year, so it all works out. Thanks.