Size 12 Merrells

I’m looking for a pair of Merrell hiking trainers and they have them everywhere here but the sizes only go up to 11 in most shops. I’ve called up all the outlets on there website and only the global mall said they ‘might’ have some.

Bit of a long shot, but does anyone know of anywhere in Taipei that has them in size 12’s?

Have you tried asking the shops to order them for you through their distributor? I have to do this regularly to get the size 11 Merrells that I want.

Yeah, but I want them for a trip I’m going on in a couple of weeks. They said they couldn’t be sure when they’d be able to get them in for me.

There’s a shop in Shihlin night market, at the junction of the two major streets within the market. It has lots of Merrells and other brands. You might try them.

Yeah, they are the only place that I;ve found to have a 12. They only had 1 and it wasn’t the kind that I want.