Size of postings

my only complaint about forumosa is that with all the avatars and boyscout badges each individual post is far too big…a one line post takes up a whole screen if its from one of the big kahuna’s…makes it all a bit unwieldly and requires too much scrolling to refer back to previous posts…anyway to address this…ie all one line posts automatically use quick post?

I agree… even though I have a big avatar. If I knew how to shrink it, I would.

I like the avatars, however, because they make it easy for me to identify posters.

But if it was decided to reduce avatar size, I would accept the same as a good decision.

Myabe it would be possible to change something in profiles (there’s already a ‘board style’ choice) that made it text and buttons only?


Tigerman, click on this link. Click on the the public img url link (the first one on the page), which takes you to a page with just the pic on it – no text. Select and copy the url of that page into your avatar box in your profile.

Oi ! Sandman, how about a link that doesn’t need you to be logged in ?Nimrod :no-no:

Damn! I AM a Nimrod. Oh well, I can’t give out the password as its the same one I use for here. Tigerman, I’ll PM it to you so you can get in.

Even then, is he supposed to copy that image to a website ? I don’t think you can have an avatar on villagephotos, if you can, give us a link to the image that doesn’t need logging in. If he does have a website, he can shrink it down himself (or one of us can do it), he wouldn’t need a smaller version.


Well, looks like I’m a mega-nimrod. Sorry Tigerman, I made a right pig’s ear out of that. You know what they say about a little knowledge… :blush:

Well, in that case, I’ll just have a beer… :laughing: