How’s the skateboarding in Taiwan? Are there skateparks or vacant areas to go to? Is it illegal in urban areas? Any information would be appreciated…

Peope are always getting down right behind (technicaly in front) the foreign affairs police station. Some of them are really good.

I think I’m the only person in Lungtan that rides a skateboard. :?

At a park near my home they built a rather large skate bowl, it is pretty awesome. But I haven’t seen anyone (except for myself) using it for what it was designed for. Most people just run up and down it. I have seen some use cardboard and slide down to the middle… but they don’t go very fast.

Skateboarding doesn’t appear to be popular enough to have any laws to prevent it.

A lot of small public parks have a circular cement area with a fence around it. It’s for roller skating and sometimes full of kids, not very good for stunts. I sometimes go rollerblading after dark when no one’s around to stare.

skatepark on ChungShan North Road(section 4 or so) across from Hai Ba Wang. Right behind the soccer stadium. Open pretty much everyday, i see ppl skatin in there til real late, like 2-3am.



I’ve seen you, you big wuss. :wink: Actually, its pretty nice if you up the hill to the area around the air force memorial behind your house. Then, if you’re man enough – I’m not – skate down the hill and see if you can make the corner into the forecourt in front of the temple.

Wear elbow, wrist and knee pads!

But you moved there too late – you should have tried the blading on the 2nd freeway before it was opened to traffic. You could get up to a really scarifying lick on the 2km downhill from the tunnel, all the way down to the sphagetti junction at Ankeng.
I still have trouble from a floating bone chip from my coccyx as a result of those particular exploits.