Skim Milk

Can you find this in Taiwan and how to say it in Chinese? Thanks.

脫脂牛奶 tuo1zhi1 niu2nai3

You can get it at RT-Mart and City Super.

Thank you very much.
It’s not in powder, right?

No, it’s ordinary liquid milk in plastic bottles.

But the skim milk is not available in the largest sized bottles, as far as I’ve seen; only the next standard size down.

Cool, thank you Chris.

you can get it at Wellcome too. I found it in a pretty small, poorly stocked one, so presumably most of them would have it. carton says something like “lively pep milk” on it, and if you look at the ingredients it says skim milk in english…

You can get it any convenience stores, like 7-11. I am not sure what they call it in English, since I don’t buy anything with skimmed nutrition.

You are right, they do but only in small packs. Thanks.