Skin Bleaching


I don’t see any problem with skin bleaching. It’s no different to going under a sun bed.

What to do to when a Taiwanese woman suddenly stops messaging me?

I am not an expert on all that.


You have a point.


My skin colour varies with the weather. At the back end of a British winter I look like an Afghan terrorist. After three weeks under the sun in the Philippines, I look like a Pakistani terrorist.

If she’s half-British, I assume she has a similar experience. Just giving her the benefit of the doubt. Skin-whitening treatments are easily available and effective these days, though, so …

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I see what you’re saying, but the skin tone variance is too extreme to attribute to weather. Definitely some bleaching. But let her do what makes her happy.


@finley , I think you looking like a terrorist is a little extreme . A. Bandit would be closer :smirk::rofl: :weight_lifting_man:t3:‍♂


Clearly, you’ve never been behind me in the queue at airport security…


Next time, try wearing a MAGA hat. :sunglasses:


You’ve got to be kidding.


Why? They both carry health risks. Tanning potentially far more serious in terms of melanoma. They are both for vanity reasons. People wanting to lighten their skin tone as opposed to people who want to darken their skin tone. What’s the difference?


People wanting to lighten their skin tone means they want to look WHITE. There’s nothing right about that.


People wanting female hormones and a sex change want to be a WOMAN . There’s nothing right about that.

People wanting Botox injections and plastic surgery want to be YOUNG. There’s nothing right about that.

People wanting to dye their hair want to be BLONDE. There’s nothing right about that.

And so on, and so on.

The point is, who are we to judge about any of it? I think it’s silly. But as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else…


This statement is borderline hate speech.


None of these carries the racial connotation skin colour does.

Against whom?


Or they want lighter skin like most of SE Asia that has nothing to do with being “white”. If I get a tan I’m not trying to look black or Hispanic, etc.

How many Asians have blonde hair? How many black people? People do it all the time. It’s just style and personal taste.


There’s nothing right about wanting to look white? Actually, it’s OK to look white.

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Would your opinion be different if someone changed their skin to look black?


So basically, be yourself. Unless it’s being white lol. At least be consistent. Either everyone can be whatever and whoever they want or not.


It’s not ok to want to look white when you are not white.

Blackface is even worse.


So I guess you’re OK with this statement too?