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I would like to have a nasty loking mole checked out and wondered if anyone can recommend a Doc. What is the procedure for checking for Melanoma.


Check this out

Maybe check NTU hospital for a dermatologist.

Here is a warning to not waste your time. I went to the “famous” Shita rd skin clinic.

In a word what a “JOKE” I went this afternoon to make an appointment they give me an appointment for midnight. Ok this in itself is strange but it is “famous” so I go at 11:45 by 11:55 they are only at #214(one person was service in the 10 minutes I waited) my number is 321. So they have only processed 214 people since opening at 9:00am. That is 15 hours to process 214 people which by my calculation means I will be looked at, at 7:30 am tomorrow. What a bunch of BS.

Is this clinic so arrogant that they think people will wait forever??? Money hungry idiots. But whai there were a zillion people waiting outside. Nobody seems to care. BAA a bunch of sheep!!! Not famous but infamous


PS I was on my way home by midnight.

You might want to try Dr. Ma at 6/F, 110 Shida Rd. He is an accupuncturist from Guangzhuo who escaped the PRC sometime around the Cultural Revolution. He’s a bit expensive…doesn’t take Nat’l. Health Insurance… More than a bit eccentric… he did the accupuncture for several documentaries made in Los Angeles where patients were operated on with accupuncture instead of being put under with anesthesia. He was Zhang Jing Guo’s doctor and still sees many Taiwan government big-shots… used to head up the military hospital in Tienmu… but he doesn’t like to be an administrator… he just wants to stick needles in people (he uses disposable needles).

I have been fortunate enough to have eczema and all the redness, dryness and horrible itchines that are its symptoms. All my life I have seen dermatologists and have tried EVERY medicine and home remedy medicated goo… none with much effect. After 3 futile years going to see the dermatologists at NTU hospital, my wife sent me to Dr. Ma. He jabbed me for ten days and gave me some horrible Chinese medicine “to purge the toxins”…

And my itch completely went away… my red skin turned an appropriately pale shade given my Irish, Swedish, Hungarian and German blood… the skin on my elbows was softer and smoother than the skin on any sixteen year old Taiwanese girl (I’m guessing!).

This condition, the best I have ever enjoyed, lasted roughly a year… after which I went back to see Dr. Ma for my needle fix. I go back now every year or so for a fix… which, BTW, I thoroughly enjoy… and my skin condition is quite tolerable.

that number is only for the night time visits. you probably would have had to wait about 45 minutes.

i’ve found that guy to be good enough to wait a while for, and i’ve been to a few skin doctors. all the people are there for a reason. but you’re right, that’s not the place to go to if you don’t want to wait.

I asked a dermatologist friend about that clinic. She said to avoid it. The doctor basically prescribes the strongest steroidal medicine to try clear up the problem (apparently not a healthy way to fix a problem). She added that the doctor will see patients in “groups” (i.e. when you enter the doctor’s office, you stand in line with a bunch of patients as the doctor walks past, giving you a quick prognosis).


that’s an accusation that’s often made about taiwan doctors, and who knows your friend might be right. i’m going by the medicine this guy’s given me to clear up athlete’s foot and fungus infections in other places, which i don’t think steroids would really be applicable to.

your right about the groups and the fast prognosis.

Was wondering if anyone is -currently- seeing a good English Speaking dermatologist?

Although the thought of seeing a guy who uses needles is VERY interesting! Who much does he charge per session?

there’s a guy next to the shilin mrt station who’s good for simple stuff; boils, rashes etc…speaks english and it’s easy to see him; no more than 10 minute wait. open every day from 3 pm, take northern exit and look for green sign on the left