Skin problems caused by humidity:

For those of you who are unfortunate enough to suffer from fungus related skin problems caused by the humidity in Taiwan, Doctor’s here often issue small tubes of paste that barely cover your back.

In Australia, a foaming solution is used which works wonders. I found a company that exports to Taiwan, a 3 day course for ~$15 USD. … tocart.asp

The name of the medicine is pevaryl.

You can also use Nizoral or the 2% solution of Selsun Blue. While they are shampoos, the anti-fungal part will work on skin rashed, crotch-rot and HKG foot.

Its not as strong, but apparently by washing once a week with something like Selsun (Its the selenium sulfide), u can stop it coming back.

But I’d have to start washing once a week.

That’s esentially what I do - though it is more like once a month.

I just used to get thrown into the sheep dip out back once a year, during the annual pre-clip dip. Killed anything and everything, but then I had to start shaving really early. White curly thick body hair from the age of three. Bizarre, I tell you. Just a whiff of those lanolin creams can still make me heave.

Tyc00n, I’m glad we share this (unfortunate) interest in disgusting health problems :slight_smile:
(although these days I’m more worried about skin that’s too dry, rather than too moist :unamused: )

On that subject… How’s your toe fungus? You’ll be happy to know (and Erhu even happier) that mine is finally cured! After nearly two years and all kinds of remedies.
Now I still have the world ugliest feet for a woman, but at least the big toe is bearable to look at. Yay!

Where can you get Selsun from ? Watsons ?

What does this kind of rash look like? Because there has been this rash consisting of tiny, bubble-like clusters slowly expanding over both of my hands. It is all across my left palm and fingers, and starting on my right hand now. I’m hoping to get to a dermatologist today…

Sounds like heat rash, but do get it checked out.


Sounds like heat rash, but do get it checked out.

That’s about it. Mr Dr told me I was allergic to “water and sweat.”

If you do not treat it quickly, the skin on your fingertips will begin to dry, crack and then split open in a most unpleasant manner.


aren’t Selsun Blue and Nizoral shampoos. Do you suggest to wash your whole body with it?

exactly. and don’t wash it off. leave it on overnight and sleep in a separate sheet.

Dr Tyc00n

I just went to Watsons. I saw Nizoral for NT$330, but not Selsun.

Last time I had those kind of skin problems, local friends suggested to me I should take sulfur baths. 500ml bottles with concentrated sulfuric water are just NT$15. My girlfriend did this a couple of weeks ago, and it worked.

So I’m looking at some kind of treatment involving either nizoral/selsun shampoo or sulfur baths? Or is that still for the fungal rash?