Skits in class - sharing ideas

In another post, I mentioned how much I enjoyed doing skits in class as an adult language learner of Chinese. So when I was teaching in Taiwan, I tried to incorporate it into my classes when possible. I had a few different approaches, depending on the level and overall personality of the class.

For low level or not very creative classes, I’d provide them with a short script that they could read and practice. I’d act it out with one or two students. Then, I’d ask them to change a few words or phrases, sometimes I’d even underline the words or phrases to replace. Then, they would go the the front in pairs or groups and act out the new skit.

A much more open-ended activity would be to give the students a picture of a scene and ask them to imagine what the people are talking about and then create a dialogue.

Another variation is to give a list of words and phrases to try to incorporate into a skit.

Finally, I might just give a situation such a job interview or bargaining for a better price (a favorite scenario!). One of the funniest skits my students did was about interviewing a girl to work at a Betel Nut stand.

Just sharing ideas!!