Skoal/Grizzly Smokeless Tobacco

I’m looking for Skoal, or Grizzly long cut dip. If anyone is going to be visiting America soon or if someone knows a place that carries it here, I would really appreciate it.

Here’s one relatively recent thread: … 25&t=24539

I used to get my dip from a little shop by the Combat Zone. Not sure if they’re still there.
Here’s what I found online.;_ylt=ArxqU1Fw8Dg7qkVpFT8I59lyFbN8;_ylv=3;_ylt=AkcVFebKIy9jNujnVhGZ3mxyFbN8;_ylv=3

I read this one, of course. It’s 3 years old. Thank you, though.

You’d be surprised, not everybody does :slight_smile: