Sky Burial at SAPPHO, Saturday, July 21

Expat rockers Sky Burial are at it again. They continue to celebrate the release of their new album “Freak at the End of the Rainbow” with a full-on rock and roll extravaganza this Saturday night at Sappho. If you missed them at Bliss or the Living Room, (or if you saw them and you just want MORE) this is your chance to catch their red-hot summer tour. Sappho has no cover charge. Sky Burial’s new CD will be on sale for a cool $200NT. See you there!

I have it on good authority that after a sound problem was cleared up, these guys tore the fucking roof off the Living Room last week.

I wouldn’t trust your “good authority” too much. He was prolly drunk and/or high and wouldn’t know a rock from a hard place. Worse, he is prolly a Canadian. Tragically Hip on repeat with an occasional Anne Murray break is all he knows.

Worse. He’s from Nebraska. And yes, there really IS such a place. I looked it up once.