Skydiver preparing for 120,000-foot supersonic fall

NM trying to horn in on the AZ tourist trade?

“This is what we want to find out: What happens to the human body when it breaks the speed of sound,” Baumgartner said. “That’s a big question mark.”[/quote]
Uhm…bad things?

Good luck you crazy SOB. :thumbsup: :cactus: :popcorn:

his advisor is that American guy who as a test pilot for US Air Force did the highest ever freefall way back in the 60s some time. Baumgartner also holds numerous other records for speed and horizontal distance in free fall.

Good luck!

A little info on Joe Kittinger who holds the current record (and has done since 1960), one of the unsung ‘right stuff’ heroes of the space program.

hardball, your baumgartner guy is the same dude who parachuted off of Taipei 101. Here’s some more on him and his inspiration/competitors.

That’s damn impressive, alright. That video is great. More than 13 minutes back to Earth. I wonder if he told him mom what he was planning to do before he did it?