Skype? Is it crap just now?

I just downloaded both the skype apps (iphone/ipad) for my ipad. They’re both junk! They both crash a lot, and one doesn’t even start It crashes before it loads. The other is marginally better, but I just don’t like it.

The skype program is just horrible on my PC, with all the updates… and changes… And the service isn’t that great at the moment!

Is this just me or are other people experiencing this bad quality creep since M$ bought Skype?


I teach Chinese via Skype quite frequently and haven’t had any significant problems of late. One hour-long call to Taiwan broke up twice, but that is unusual. I’m Skype-ing from a Macbook Air on wireless if that makes a difference, and I’m based in the US, so my Skypes are all pretty long distance for the most part.

I had indeed quite a lot of problem recently with Skype.
I’m using now another alternative, based on SIP (OVH telephone plan) + the software EKIGA

but only for French and other European people, but i can say it is unbeatable :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine works fine

Skype still works well for me (video-chatting with family in Canada), but the more recent Mac versions have terrible interfaces; I still use the older Skype 2.8 version. (I gather the Windows versions have always had awful interfaces.)

I’ve been using Skype regularly on an iPhone and a PC for several years. I’m still happy with it – works fine, with the occasional annoying crash (more often on Windows). If you’re having problems on iPad, have you updated to the latest versions of iOS and Skype?

I can’t think of a better alternative to Skype, anyway. The video chat always beats video on gmail chat, in my experience.

I’ve been using the latest version on my Macbook and the only limitations i’m running into all seem to come from hardware issues (lossy connection, webcam quality, mic, etc) and not the software itself. It’s still the best option for convenience and simplicity, and the interface reflects that too (at least the OSX version).

Yeah. I’ve got poor connections sometimes, crashy software (all my pcs and ipads are 100% bang uptodate!)… I will just revert to a more stable version on the PC, and I’m trying the Ipad one again.


I had a few choices about which Skype topic to grave-dig: this one had the most apt title. So … I’m unable to make a call with Skype.

I have an ancient Skype account. I have no credit with it. I’m trying to call a toll-free number in Canada, which I believe is supposed to be fine. I keep getting intermittent beeping, and then “Oops - something went wrong.” Is this a busy signal? Does Skype just not work anymore?

I’m entering the number as +1800 etc. I’ve got two different toll-free numbers, and both have the same result.

There is this statement in the Skype community:

However, toll and toll-free number owners can restrict calls made from certain numbers/regions or made anonymously. This is often done for cost reasons (since someone pays the toll, when you do not) and to limit spam calls. Disabling or enabling Caller ID may resolve the issue, depending on how the call is being blocked on the remote end.

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For Intl calls I suggest talk360, good and cheap service for calling phones. None of the hassle of Taiwan Skype.

The block on calling freefone numbers from overseas is a common problem worldwide.
Not sure how you get around it.

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