Skype vs Google Voice vs?

Is there an alternative from Taiwan? Skype is a nightmare to setup and add credit (in Taiwan) since it’s merger/management with PC Home. And Google Voice directs you to go to Google Hangouts for everyone outside the US - But Google Hangouts is about to be killed off in the coming months.
Any other options anyone knows about?
And I’ve gone through previous posts re: Skype, etc, but they’re now a few years old.
Thanks : )

Microsoft Teams.

Thanks Gain. Can I make calls to overseas telephone numbers with Microsoft Teams?

Teams is basically Skype but less shitty?

It’s a lot like Skype. You need an account and everything.

Just looked up their website

When clicking on the rates … the filename is SkypeRates


I use teams a lot but never to a phone number . Interested to learn more.

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I will keep promoting them because they’re nice. When I asked about why my number costs more per month than registering new a number:

The new rates are lower since we receive lower rates for new numbers only. Old numbers still have the old rate with our providers, however we have decreased the rates for your number to match new number’s rate, as a courtesy.

Then you can use it with any SIP app, I guess most android dialers support it. For desktop there’s linphone.

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TextNow for free calling to Canada and the USA
Fongo for free calling to Canada only

It’s an app you download. You get a free phone number that’s yours to give out and if anyone calls you on it , your phone will ring in Taiwan.


While that looks like a nice thing to do, as someone who worked for an ISP, I can say it’s actually a “shit we got caught” moment

Yes, but in spite of the Team rates contained in a file called skype…, they are higher than those of Skype, at least for some countries

Why not just use Line, Facebook Messenger or Facebook Workplace?

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It went from 1$/mo to 70c/mo so not like they were ripping me off.

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I need to call phone numbers overseas