Sleeping problems

Hello guys,

i am here since one and a half month and still could not adapt to the day and night schedule. I am right now still awake (5:30 am) and will sleep during the day. I tried multiple things (f.e. an all nighter) but it did not work. Does anyone has experiences with that? I am not a good sleeper anyways but it has never been so bad like here… Also: Has anyone tried some non-prescription only sleep aid from watsons or something like that, that is worth trying? (even though it might be a placebo…)

Since you can’t go to the hospital and get 2-3 days of sleeping pills to adjust. I would try your best and stay away from computer and phone screens an hour before you sleep and keep the light dim. Maybe make yourself a tea and read a few chapters of a book.

When I travel to major time differences, I usually have a few benzos around or some other sleeping med since I also have a hard time sleeping in general.

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Are benzos something you can just take for a few days and stop then? I heard different things about them…

Set an alarm and force yourself to get up. Physical exercise during the day. For falling asleep, I listen to audiobooks.

By the way, I was just awoken by birds outside my window at 5:45am. It’s going to be a long day.


Yes, that’s actually how you should take them in most circumstances. Especially for sleeping. Their ability to help you sleep stops after a few days in studies. And they’re addictive and can build up a tolerance quickly with terrible withdrawals.

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have you ever tried non prescriptive stuff that seemed to work?

Melatonin helps me fall asleep…during the first week after switching timezones, I’ll do my best to stay awake through the afternoon and early evening hours which is admittedly difficult. I go to bed relatively early around 10pm, but am usually wide awake by then. So, take one to fall asleep when I’m ready, then usually wake up I’m the middle of the night. At this point I take another to fall asleep again. 10mg pills…good luck, it takes me quite a bit of time to readjust too, maybe up to 3 weeks if it was a longer trip.

Benzos are habit forming quickly. Developing a tolerance to prescription meds is a horrible idea, especially because they are easy to rely on to lessen anxiety and the cycle starts from there.

Melatonin has never done anything for me.

Ambien makes you totally loopy if you don’t sleep immediately. I have done some seriously zany shit on ambien. I don’t recommend it.

I’m also dealing with sleep problems. Who isn’t. I think it’s part of the anxiety of the time we are living in…

They work well for a few days as I said. It is highly unlikely you will built a habit in 2-3 days unless you have a history of addiction. Nor would you be building much of a tolerance at moderate dosage for 2-3 days. It’s a legitimate way for some.


Unless you count cannabis. It works better than any drug for sleep for me in the past. It is unfortunately not legal in most places.

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2 to 3 days is fine sure.

I’ve watched people dig themselves into dependency on them. But yeah that’s a short time not long enough to develop a habit. They get more dangerous if people use stimulants concurrently to compensate for the fatigue esp.

This is TWs Achilles heel IMO. I wish weed were readily available.

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Try drinking warm chamomile tea. It may make you feel drowsy. Also, don’t drink or eat anything that may give you an energy boost after 6:00 PM.

benedryl helps and it’s non prescription. I seriously would not use benzos. They give me nightmares when I use them.

Yes, don’t worry. I used to take them years ago every time my sleep went out of wack.

In the last year I was prescribed them for 8 months. Stopped them last month, even that wasn’t too bad (but certainly not recommended!) :blush:

Have you tried this?

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Set your alarm and get up early. Then get outside and get some sun and exercise. This will help you reset your body clock. And no Joe Rogan less than an hour before bedtime.

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oh boy, you got me D:

is Melatonin legal in TW or will it be destroyed if i order it via iHerbs?