Slow Cooker


I’ve used whole stewed tomato for pasta sauce. They are my preferred form of tomato for that. I crush 'em with a fork in the pan or dice them before cooking.

Another edit: crushing them with your fingers is very satisfying and gives the best results.


Yes, but, fortunately, there are alternatives.

Kobo seems to be the one most people use.


What’s the Chinese for “pinto beans”?



Bān dòupinto-beans


I was in the Wellcome last night by Da’an road and Zhongxiao Fuxing looking for fresh parsley on my usual treasure hunts and saw pinto beans on an organic shelf. this brand.


Thank you and thank you.


Are they sometimes called 花豆? My wife bought some today that look like pinto beans, but the vendor said they were 花豆, which translates as runner beans.


… That’s after you had them to eat. You’ll have to do a runner!