Slowdown on International net this morning?

Anybody else having a problem with overseas websites loading slowly or not at all this morning?
Big sites like the NYT are no problem; neither are Tawan sites, but smaller ones from the US and elsewhere are slow enough to time out.

I remember this happened years back when the undersea cable got snagged.

Happening with me as well this morning. Can’t connect with my beloved which is US based, but I was able to connect with Wells Fargo no problem.

Yeah, couldn’t get to random sites for about an hour this morning. Seems to be OK now.

Kinda weird. I have whatever DSL from Chungwa Telecom piped into the office PC network. Problems there. I also have an iMac dialed into a personal Far Eastone wi-fi hotspot. No problems there, at all. I dunno. I like the undersea cable explanation.

it’s very noticeable. Something must be going on inside CHT. I had to connect to an academic VPN to link to many source pages I usually use.

Yup, seems to be back now. Minor inconvenience.

Whenever this happens, I cheer myself up by thinking of PLDT’s service. “Service”, of course, in the sense of what a bull does to a cow.