Slower Classes?

I regret my decision to take Mandarin classes at NCKU. I just cannot keep up with the ridiculous pace of these classes. Are there any good group-class options for slow learners?

Don’t go to NTNU. Terrible customer service.

The cram schools can generally put in as much or little as you like in listening, speaking, writing, reading. Not really any serious tests.

Not much of feeling of a ridiculous overwhelming pace because the requirements are kind of up to student.

Many of them do the three months per book thing, no matter if there are holidays. 5 days a week, 3 hours a day, reading, tones, writing, Pinyin, Zhuyin …

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I think those language school at universities are intended for people with language learning visa, where you have to go from not knowing any chinese to being able to read and write in 2 years.

It’s a really tall order for most people.

Isn’t this the OP’s question? How about constructive advice, rather than off-topic critiques that he/she seems to be already aware of?

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Any advice?

Universities are focusing on exam
They have a schedule and the teacher needs to complete it

TMC focuses on speaking
50% study textbook +50% study to speak Chinese
Group course/1on1 course

  1. We are 2-6 people in small class
  2. Focus on speaking (50% of course time)