Slowness of your server and other comments


Perhaps because of the increased number of users and the amount of contents, your server is now slowed to a crawl.

This week’s inclusion of a movie review in the event page has made that section almost impossible to load.

Thanks for the contribution to include the name of the theatre showing the films. But next time please include the theatre’s phone number and its name and address in Chinese, if possible.


All I know is that it is only about once every other day that I can successfully read Oriented, other days it’s

Connecting to… connected!
HTTP request sent, awaiting response…
Read error (Connection reset by peer) in headers.
Giving up.

however on those days it seems half the other web sites I try to read have the same problem. You click on them and within one second, you get the above result… so it doesn’t seem an Oriented-specific problem. Google never has this problem, so I end up reading a lot of Google cached copies of sites on those bad days.

I am asking about this on netnews,


I’ve been having the same interminable waits lately. The funny thing is… if I Stop loading a page (click or Stop icon or w/ Esc key), the pages load!
Zhen qi2 guai4, shi4 bu2 shi4 a?


Yeah, that is a little strange. Methinks its the inline banners that are holding things up for you, Harold. But I’m only guessing.

What would be a big help for Taiwan surfers is if we mirrored the site on the island itself. Anyone interested in mirroring ORIENTEDdotORG on their Taiwan-backbone connected network? Let’s talk – if the connectivity is fast enough, I’d even consider moving the whole thing over

Some conditions:

  1. This is a volunteer gig – but you/your organization would be clearly acknowledged on O-dot-ORG pages

  2. Unless the decision is made (a long shot, but talk to me) to move the entire site whole hog, this has got to be one of those fangled “auto-mirror” deals.

  3. I don’t know Microsoft NT – and I’m no computer hack, so I have no plans to pick up any of it. ORIENTEDdotORG is hosted on a BSDI box over and handled in the fantastically capable hands of (tell’em I sent ya )


How many Megabytes (Gigabyes) of space does the ORIENTED website use at present? As the site is an accumulative sort of operation, what is the average growth in size per month?


We are at about 100MB right now. However, there’s a LOT of wasted space. I would imagine this should be much lower if we did a concerted cleanup.

The waste comes from failed installations or compoenents, some redundancy of data, and some ignorant choices. What can I say, I’ve learned a ton about building websites thanks to ORIENTED.

The most space consuming resource is this forum. It’s pretty inefficient. I’ve installed “backup feature” which, when its used, creates a monster datafile. This file is so big, our space usage goes up 30%. It’s supposed to be a temporary file that is downloaded and stored offline for safe keeping. It shouldn’t surprise you that we don’t use it much (ever).

Space requirement growth
Christine probably knows this off the top of her head because of her efforts. I’m embarrased to admit that I’ve long stopped monitoring our usage patterns. I am not concerned, however. We have a large allocation of webspace now, one that should cover us for at least a year. Over this time, I hope to remove or upgrade some of the less efficient parts of the website.


Hi Gus:

Do you have any idea of how many hits you get
per day or what’s your site’s bandwidth consumption?

If your site is hot enough, I could probably help you to find a sponsor to mirror Oriented in Taiwan’s fastest backbone



Chichodude, I’ll try to get back to you sometime next month (May). I’m preparing for a week of studies in Singapore next week, and I’m way behind my study schedule. Feel free to post or e-mail me about the auto-mirror opportunities you foresee – do you work for a webhost or IT-rrelated firm?

I believe Christine typically quotes 10,000 visitors a month. I don’t usually check for myself. In fact, I actually stopped checking regularly a couple of years ago (after we decided that was not going to be a business). This revelation may be surprising to some, but there’s simply no incentive for me to do so!

Hostexpress provides Webtrends reports on a monthly basis, but we cannot control the contents of these reports. The hit figures, therefore, are not meaningful for me – and partly explains why I’ve moved as much of the graphic files off to as possible (my crude solution so that the filler graphic no longer becomes the most popular part of the site )

The final part of this ORRIENTEDdotORG project for me is configuring the log analysis process. Tracking the logs is certainly interesting. But this isn’t due for some time still.