Sly gets one more Rocky

They are now saying Sly might make number 6 in the Rocky pics. True?

Let’s hope not.

I just heard on the news… Yes, it’s true. And unlike Rocky 5. They said he will come out of retirement to fight in this one… WOW :noway:

Sly vs. Keith Richards.

Sponsored by Depends?

Oh, oh, oh! Donatella Versace could play Adrienne!

Sly vs. Keith Richards! :laughing:

Seriously? This is happening? Wow… Hollywood’s really sucking lately, isn’t it?
What’s it going to be, Sly as George Foreman?

It will still make money. Never underestimate the stupidity of the average consumer.

but there’s a lot ot learn form the Rocky films. i could watch 'em all back to back with a Subway and some popcorn later, maybe the 3rd one. that and all the Karate Kid films. when i need inspiration to keep fighting and keep my center, these films do it for me!

Eye of the Geezer

Risin’ up, back from the dead
Did my time, made bad movies
Went the distance at Rocky II
Just a man and his will to annoy

So many times, got punched in the head
You change your brain for a story
Don’t lose your grip and give it up now
You must fight the urge to release this

It’s the eye of the geezer, it’s the butt cream of the fight
Risin’ up to the challenge of our senses
And the last known punch drunk tries to find his slippers in the night
And he’s foolin’ us all in the eye of the geezer

Face to TV, turn up the heat
Not too tough, to bed late and up early
They stack the odds 'til we find our Depends
For the skill to overkill this why?


Risin’ up, at 4 in the morning
Have viagara, got no worry
Gone too far, but I’m not gonna stop
Just a man and his will to annoy


The eye of the geezer (repeats out)…

Oh come on. Have you seen a photo of Stallone lately? The guy looks great. He’s still incredibly fit, has the physique of a man twenty years his junior. Hardly a geezer who needs viagra and adult diapers. (By the way, karma dictates that each of you making wisecracks about someone else’s need for such products will need them yourselves in the not too distant future).

Many people were inspired by the first three Rocky films. Don’t forget he won an Oscar for screenwriting for Rocky I.

Stallone’s story itself is inspiring. The man has no feeling in half of one of his lips, he’s short, and he’s got learning disabilities. So he make some shlocky movies. I say celebrate the shlock, and don’t forget that he’s made some very good movies (i.e. Copland, Rocky I-III, Get Carter, First Blood)

I am looking forward the film. Go, Sly!

So the man has overcome adversities, some find his films inspirational ( :unamused: ), he won an oscar for screenwriting ( :unamused: :unamused: ). His movies still suck, including Rocky I -> XX. I agree he’s got good abs, but that’s not enough to make a good movie in my opinion.

The rye or the kaizer

J99 - :laughing: Good job!

As a guy who’s tried his hand unsuccessfully to write a decent story in the form of a script for many years now, I have to really respect the first Rocky. It’s really well written. It’s a great story.

It’s too bad that Hollywood usually caters to the lowest common denominator. People will pay to see this movie whether they think it’s going to be tripe or not. We’ll probably be able to buy “Rocky” commemorative plastic drink cups from Burger King with our whopper meals. I’ll certainly rent it sometime.

Producers and actors love to make this kind of sequel because they get paid above the line. No matter how badly a movie bombs, they get paid. The studios can absorb the cost of this kind of movie because it’s not too expensive. Minimal special effects, minimal set building, only a few principal actors (only one of which will get close to 20 mil) and a tried and true story is a pretty good investment in their minds.

I Don’t like most of his movies, either.

I knew a set props person who worked on one of his movies who told me he was a real dick to work with. Apparently, he likes to verbally abuse people and snap his fingers to get them fired if they look at him the wrong way. He’s also so short that he often has to stand on risers or platform shoes to be shot with other people. Not sure if that’s true.

He’s a Hollywood panzy…but I’ll rent it. Curiosity killed the cat.

He was awesome in CopLand. How he never got recognized by the academy for that I’ll never know.
And lets not forget…The CONTENDER! That show kicked ass.

But yeah, his movies are mostly turd factories on celluloid. Remember Oscar, or that one with his wife…?

…Cobra. That was a real winner.

I’ve seen a few episodes of The Contender. Pretty good. Good boxing, anyway.