Small bikes are coming back!

Went on a ride yesterday with my team’s boss. Was expecting a fast run down the island to sun moon lake, but I didn’t know we were meeting up with 100+ other bikes! More than half were Quannons, lots of wolves/cruisers, and quite a few sm250s. I represented the 2-strokes… despite having to stop and fix my bike 3 times, I still smoked them all :slight_smile:
Test rode one of the nicest quannons. It was very comfortable, but I found the riding position too high and akward. It also has very little power as to be expected… … annel_page

Small bikes? … n_Hond.flv

Temple, how far behind you were the SM 250 riders?

Did you say small bikes. How bout this one?

Actually it wasn’t a race or anything. Having such a large group means we travel very slowly. The only fun I had was catching up after fixing my bike, sometimes in the small gaps that would form when people missed lights, and on the way back :slight_smile: Lots of great roads down there.

Sounds like fun, I wish I would have been supporting the 2-strokes with ya. I love riding with a huge group like that.