Small breast chic

There is a European fashion show on T.V. right now and in the revealing costumes they are sporting it is pretty easy to see that a lot of them got real tiny titties. Is Europe finally developing some small breast acceptance? Will Taiwan be next? Can we finally be done with those atomic mattress bras? Inquiring minds want to know.

Sounds good to me. :smiley: :bravo:

Imagine how hot those padded bras must be in the summer. It is inhumane. And wouldn’t it be nice if more of women felt free to waltz around with no bras at all!

I would also like to see fewer unsightly panty lines. Those poor overheated, sweaty xiaojies.

Asian women wear padded bras to hide their nipples, even the biggest possible bras have some sort of paddings.

I spent weeks looking for an unpadded bra in Taipei, couldn’t find any. About 4 months later I finally managed to find a special breastfeeding bra that had no extra paddings in it.

Poor Taiwanese women, it must be terrible to wear padded bras in this heat. :s

But why do they want to hide their nipples? That’s a rhetorical question of course but what a shame. I guess they think either their breasts are too small or their nipples are too big. Either way it seems like there is frequently a lack self acceptance happening with regard to this issue.

Accept the breast! Love the breast!

Wrong on both counts. You have the leers of Taiwanese men to thank for the cover-up. My better half tells me that many Taiwanese guys won’t even make an attempt to disguise their staring… :unamused:

They pad them and then sqeeze them up, together and out to get guys to “quit” staring? :loco:

After considering what the major movements of feminist theory have to say about “body politics” and men’s objectification of women, I have to say that I’m really more of an ass-man myself.

Not true, you got the nipple stickers which can be conveniently bought at Watsons for that.


I almost never see men perving at women.

True, but how often do you see women going braless? I think a lot more women would go braless if they didn’t have to deal with ogling and leering stares. Back home it’s pretty common in the summertime, especially for women who do not need the “support”.

Just when my breasts are getting really big, small breasts are in fashion. Just my luck.Nice pic in the Times today BTWNSFW

More than a handful’s a waste. Hurrah for the ascendency of reasonably-sized breasts.

:notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

Such should be the creed of all who like women as mates…men and women alike. :bravo: :laughing:

Nipple stickers?

I see what Maoman is talking about now. Men “would” perv if women went braless. This I can believe, but wouldn’t they get used to the sight after awhile? I mean they got used to those battering ram jobs women wear now right?

I am told that men will actually come up to you and ask why you are not wearing a bra. Padded bras also mean that gropers get a handful of Nan Ya Plastic which apparently deters them. Don’t forget women who smoke here are all “prostitutes” and no end of Willy Woodbines will tell grown women not to smoke because “it’s bad for them”. Can you imagine protuding nipples on the MRT ? Isn’t it anarchic enough here for y’all ???

I never used to wear a bra back in Europe. I started doing it here because I felt uncomfortable being the only one. The few times I went out here without a bra, people weren’t exactly oggling. It was more like: "how can she NOT wear a bra :astonished: "?

Isn’t the quote “More than a mouthful is wasted”? :wink:

That’s referring to the nipple, not the breast. :smiley: