Small desktop speakers

Looking for a good quality pair of speakers that will sit on my desk. Where can I shop for speakers? (besides computer area in Taipei)

I want $2500-4000 twd speakers. They would be “satellite speakers” or small “bookshelf speakers”.
Currently I’m using Altec Lansing BXR1220. They are Ok, but not real good for music.

Any suggestions on which speakers to buy in Taipei?

If you want a subwoofer to go with it, I hear from an audiophile friend that the JS JY3030 is the one to get. Lots of oomph at a low, low price.

There’s an audio market around the area of Kaifeng Street and Zhonghua Road. Mostly higher end stuff though. In your price range the computer market is probably the best bet. If you knew what you were looking for, you could get it online probably.

Kaifeng and Zhonghua…that’s where I buy my headphones. I’ll have to go back I guess. :slight_smile:

Costco has X-Mini stereo speakers.

I didn’t believe it until I heard them myself, crazy good sound for the size/price and ‘folds’ to be easily portable. … 15669c15fc