Small Evening Class / Sunday movie screening?

I’m a high beginner/low intermediate Mandarin learner doing a 1-on-1 with a good teacher. I’m looking for another 2 or 3 people who would like to join me in starting a small evening class (two hours, once or twice a week) and/or a group study on Sundays. Classes would be within walking distance from ZhongXiao-DunHua MRT (closer to XinYi-DunHua).

This would all start in April, or thereafter.
Reply or PM me if interested.

How would you do it? Set a no English rule and assign a topic, or leave it more open. or…?
I’ve been thinking about trying club like that but I have no idea really how it would actually work. Anyway, I’m curious to hear your ideas even though I probably wouldn’t “do” it. I almost never actually “do” anything.