Small gifts from the US

Hi all, I’m looking to buy some small gifts in the US that I can bring and give to people in TW. Can you think of anything that would be popular/appropriate? I’d also like to know what NOT to bring. For instance, I heard you should never give a clock to someone on their B-day in TW as it symbolizes death… Are there any other things like that I should know?

Part of the answer depends on just who you’d be buying these for.

Factors such as age, how well you know the people, if you’re just trying to be nice or if you may need some help from them in the future, etc., all play a part.

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Perfect! Thanks a lot! I was thinking of small bottles of bourbon. Seems like it might go over well, especially for guys.

We just returned from a visit to the states and brought back some salt water taffy from York Beach, Maine. I would just look for something small that can’t be found here - like a local speciality that can be transported. We brought Taichung Ziyou Road Suncakes to the US and brought back the taffy. Too bad lobster rolls and fried claims can’t be so readily transported…