Small Kitchen Ham and beans

Find a raw ham hock (knuckles) . Burn any stray hairs from the hock with a fork and your cooker. Slice the piece of hock down to the meat, through the skin (hide) in three slices. Boil the shit out of it for a few hours. Strip the hide when you can peel the hide and let 'er boil and cook for an hour or two. While you wait, put a kilo of red beans in a pot and let them soak.
When the meat is falling off the bone, slap it into the pot with the beans and add some salt/pepper and about a cup of catsup. Some spicey shit is good here. I also like to add a can of tomatoes from Costco but not necessary. Coook it all and smell the beautiful aroma while you sip on that glass of Aussie wine. Might want to watch some horse races whilst you wait. Miss those days.