Smelli Neili

So I’ve been living in Taoyuan county for the winter because the hotel rooms are cheap. All you guys on this forum tell me the whole area’s a big armpit. Well, I don’t think it’s so bad, except for Neili.

I did some exploring, and I got off the train at Neili. The whole area smells like rotting garbage. I have a feeling they haven’t heard Beethoven in many a night. What’s up with that?

Neili is a festering boil. It is wise to avoid it at all costs. I usually drive around it through back roads, if am forced to be near that industrial wasteland.

This is were the Zombie apocalypse has already started last year but nobody even noticed.

… compared to swimming in a sewage farm.

edit: this doesn’t make much sense now the original post it refers to has gone.

sorry for the confusion.

I heard Neili has got very built up, it was once a Hakka farming community…once.

Indeed. There’s even a Starbucks (albeit in a mall)!