Smile Language Institute, Luodong

Smile Language Institute, Loudong. They are advertising again, surprise surprise. Warning: The director K is not very nice to put it mildly and is also very unprincipled. You are going to have a hard time there no matter what you do/try. One to avoid.

I’ve never heard of or worked for this place but I checked the Google reviews and it seems they have a high rating from the parents side. But a lot of places have Jekyll and Hyde management so parents may think a place is great whereas the workers…

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Can you elaborate on it?

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That name itself is a red flag.

Give him his dues, he’s spread himself thin.


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I agree that detail is fair. A warning is also good.


I did just that in a post on anohter thread a couple of years ago. All I can add is that the school is shamelessly using videos and photographs taken for in-house use before and now posting them online in promotional material [sigh]. Nothing more to say except: stay away.