Smoke detectors Taipei

Hi! Where can I find a smoke detector to purchase?? I tried RT Mart… any other leads? Thank you!

B&Q seems to

I got mine in Costco about ten years ago.

I remember trying to find one was a nightmare. Seems that they are not seen as important here???


You can also find them in any large carrefour, and also most hardware stores.

Agreed!! I’ve gone to a few hardware stores as well and been unable to find them! The service agent I went through recommended costco as well, I just don’t have membership…but maybe I need to get one if my safety depends on it! Haha

Is PCHome only online? Or do they have a storefront as well, thanks!


I think you could get a day pass. Say you are not a member and would like to check it out.
They may not even sell them now.

A few years ago at CNY, our local fire hall sent firefighters to all the homes in the neighborhood with them. Two nice young firemen came in and installed one for free.

Maybe check at your local station, they might offer the service.

Thanks everyone for the help! In the end, the service agent ordered one for me online and had it delivered to a Family Mart. I was finding the online sites difficult to navigate via google translate. :frowning: