Smoked Paprika

Anyone know where smoked paprika can be obtained? I’ve looked high and low, but nada!

Answering my own kweschun here: Yi Wei Foods.

Strange, have you tried welcome? They tend to have it of all shops, even the little local one here has it. It’s not really the good stuff though, if you want that I guess the super market in Mitsukoshi near the 101 would be the best place as they have the proper Spanish stuff, but it ain’t cheap.

Yep, I’ve tried Wellcome. But are you sure it’s the smoked variety? My quotation from Yi Wei is $200 per 100g if I remember correctly. Next time I order stuff from them I’ll buy some.

AFAIK if it does not say smoked, it is just paprika.

Pekoe has HOT smoked paprika (no mild), if you’re interested. It’s La Chinata brand, Pimenton de la Vera, from Caceres, Spain, 70 grams in a tin. NT$140
They also have real, top-quality (judging by the painful price) balsamic, aged 10 or 25 years.
Taibei, in a lane SE of the RenAi circle:
Dunhua S. Rd Sec. 1, Lane 295, #7
at the intersection of the above lane and Ren Ai Sec. 4 Ln 112

Yi Wei, on the other hand, has both hot (which they say is not that spicy) and mild, in ziplocks, 110元/50g or 200元/100g (about the same price as at Pekoe), also from Spain, but not otherwise specified as to origin or manufacturer on their website.

June 2014 edit: La Chinata is imported by PNP, so you can buy it directly from them near Shida. Open to walk-in retail customers from 1:30 to 4:30 pm, Tues-Sat ONLY. They have hot and sweet, in large and small tins.

I thought this was going to be about smoking paprika and getting some kind of buzz from it.

Yeah, you can do that but it only works with the hot kind.