Smoking and eating at the same time in a restaurant

Is it acceptable to have a fag while people are eating?

I see they cater for that now.

That’s tooooo brokeback for me.

No, it’s rude. The polite thing to do would be to leave the table, have your, er, fag, and then return.
I confess I’m often rude. But I’d always stub or leave the table if reminded of my rudeness. :blush:

only rude if you don’t ask first. then people can tell you to please take it elsewhere, if they don’t like it.

In a smoking area I consider it acceptable, non smoking obviously not!

I believe the original question was specifically trying to ask if it was rude to smoke whike people are EATING. In which case yes, always. Even at a table of smokers you should wait until the others are finished eating before you light up. Years ago, when most people smoked, this was considered normal etiquette.

I’m just wondering if it is more Asian to light up while others are eating. In that case some long term expats are just becoming part of the woodwork in more ways than one.

I have a restaurant smoking jacket now. It stinks of smoke and I just keep wearing the same one out and stink it up more then lock it up in its own little stink box at home.

But, if you’re enjoying the flavor, texture and spice of a well prepared meal and suddenly smoke is billowing toward you then it changes the whole flavor thing. Maybe the smokers are just jealous because they can’t taste their own food and want others to experience the same thing.

Seriously, it is one of the many great pleasures about eating out in this part of the world. Pausing mid meal to cleanse the mouth with a guilt-free cig. Don’t go stuffing up my simple pleasures for me now please!

I hope to replicate this joy in Alleycats this Friday night.

Of course, if ever I manage to give up the cigs, I’d like all you selfish wanker smokers to FO outside.


Not it’s not.

I’m a smoker and I don’t smoke in front of people eating. It’s inconsiderate and rude.