Smoking in confined public spaces

What is more important, the right to smoke or the right to clean air?

  • The right to smoke anywhere.
  • The right to clean air.

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Whether or not you are a non-smoker, as I am, how do you feel about smoking in confined public places? As I sit here, I feel like assaulting the guy sitting next to me because he’s exhailling straight into my personal space and I think he might be doing it to spite me. It’s one thing to do something deleterious to your own health, but if you do it to another’s health you’re infringing on their right to clean air.

this all sounds vaguely familiar …


Rinkals, we had a shitfest over this one a few months ago.

As an ex-smoker, I believed and still believe in a person’s right to clean air. I can choose to kill myself slowly, but I can not make that decision for other people.

Walk away from where you are sitting. Sounds like he doesn’t give a shit.

These days there are only smokers. Those that smoke out of choice and those who are smoked out of confined spaces.

I have to disagree with you, rinkals. I’m a non-smoker. More and more bars around the world have become non-smoking zones in the past few years.

Congratulations on quitting smoking, 914.

It’s only here that I experience a problem with smoking.

Don’t know about you but I do believe that Tobacco has been around in Bar and Social Clubs for an extremely long time. So when I heard about Toronto passing the non smoking law I was alittle disapointed. These are social places where smoking is expected. I think there should be some freedom in certain atmospheres.

Yup. Outside. :slight_smile:

Grrr this thread makes me feel even more terrible because I started to smoke at 24 years of age. 27 now.

I smoke in my car when I am alone.

If the girls are with me, I will avoid it.

If I have adult passengers, i will ask and abide.

if I drive in another persons car, I will see what he or she does, and then do likewise.


Many Western countries have enacted smoke-free legislation for bars and social venues because of possible legal action by staff working at these venues (if they get lung cancer etc.) it isn’t really motivated by the safety of patrons. Taiwan’s practice on protecting the rights of workers appears to be in its early adolesence so I don’t think the issue has any real priority here.

Personally I have rarely lasted more than 1 drink at a bar in Taipei because of the two aggressive assaults one receives

  • cigarette smoke, and
  • ultra-loud organized noise maquerading as ‘music’

If you do a search, you should find some pretty long threads on this topic (provided they weren’t deleted for some silly reason)

Just because some people have been smoking for hundreds of years doen’t make it more acceptable than any other means of spreading carcinogenic sunstances right under people’s noses. People are free to make their own choices, but not to endanger other people’s health.

I don’t know much about psychology, but it seems to me that people who are attracted to smoking are extroverts too.I hope this will provoke an angle on our discussion not covered in previous discussions.

Rinkals, please do a search and you will find that 1) the topic has been discussed already, and 2) it created a lot of unpleasant conflict within the Forumosa community. Since then, the smokers here on Forumosa have been quite mature, kind and considerate towards the non-smokers at Happy Hours ( :notworthy: ), and although I certainly understand your frustration about smokers in Taiwan, I think it’s best if we not open up not-so-old wounds here. :wink:

A pleasently surprising post DB, well done. :notworthy:

Cheers, mate! :slight_smile:

I used to watch “Cheers” too.

God, they all look so, so … white! :wink: Never noticed that before.

While I wish that more serious, respectful, non-emotional discussions could take place on this topic, it doesn’t seem to work. So, regrettably, I agree with DB about the prudence of steering clear of the topic, and gladly agree with DB about the increased sensitivity and cooperation.

I disagree with steering clear of the topic :slight_smile: (unless you’re a dick that can’t have a proper discussion, then yes steer clear).

I don’t like the idea of places being forced to be smoke free. I think it should be up to the owner of an establiment as to whether they make a non-smoker friendly environment or not (there are places being forced right?)

That said, I don’t like cigarettes very much myself and think people should have manners about smoking. But again, I don’t think people should be forced to have manners either :wink:.