Snake temples

i am goingt to take my friend around taipei. (He is coming over from england for 5 days)
I hear that snake alley is delightfully. weird. are there any snake worshipping temples around?
Are there any WEIRD must-see’s in or around Taipei?

IMHO I think it is crap and would not take anyone there.

Not that I know of.

Some of the religious activities at temples fall under that category. There are guys who go into trances and hit themselves with weapons to induce bleeding. I lived next to a Matsu temple for a few years and got to see this on a regular basis.

Can you give exact dates for your friend’s visit?

There is a snake temple here Nankan. My friend said that there is a room with thousands (maybe just hundreds) of snakes. This is hear-say.

he will be here from May 7th to May 11th. not much time really…

If you like seeing snakes being skinned alive, then Snake alley will make your day.