I think we saw a Taiwan Beauty Snake on Sunday. Long and yellow, on Canguangliao Trail between Mudan and Jinguashi in the early afternoon. Unfortunately was to quick in the bushes for me to take a picture. What a beauty. Never seen a snake that yellow! :slight_smile:


Never seen any snakes near our house in the 8 years we’ve been here, but saw this beauty today, by the time had the camera ready it was already slithering away, not much to go on in the image, it was about 1-2m long, can anybody ID this from the pattern?


Wow, that looks like a nice rat snake (or just a nice big snake). I’m not sure, but you can look for that pattern here:

Yesterday night I went herping and found only a wolf snake dying on the road and a couple of times the same multibanded krait. Couldn’t take nice pictures, but I guess that I have a few worth posting… some time.

BTW, we need more people here!!!


uhmmm Keelback?


Thanks for the link!

Kind of looks like a Taiwan Beauty Snake but these are not so common it seems.

Could also be Checkered Keelback or King Ratsnake but the tail has pattern to the end.

All non-venomous thankfully!




Where was it?


In the small road from Banqiao to Sanxia, near the river bank, somewhere around Tucheng. It was funny because that day I was heading Baling to look for snakes… and I run into that small thing crossing the road.

This was something that God sent me to balance my karma. I accidentally rode over a Habu the previous weekend when… looking for snakes. So when I saw this one that day, I stopped the traffic, let the animal make it to the other side, and then took some cool shots in front of some amused Taiwanese :smiley:

The problem was that the animal crawled into the insides of my motorcycle a couple of times. I could have taken it out, but the idiots around me surrounded the bike leaving no escape to the little thing, which hid more and more, totally scared :frowning:

I took the bike near the grass and called a friend to get some food and drinks, but the local idiots also called the police and the firemen “they have the skills”, they said… idiots.

So I had to strip down my motorcycle and tried to get rid of all the idiots scaring the poor little snake. In the end it was me the one who had to take it out (the rednecks would have killed it handling it improperly), and the firemen with “skills” was so scare behind his stick :smiley:


Nice pattern, so what snake is it?



I passed the night in Baling… I’ve gone there like 4 or 5 weekends and every time the road was cut due to rockslides… :frowning: I’m really looking forward some quality herping time in that road before summer is gone :frowning:

Still we had fun. Like all the other times, I saw snakes and this time we joined a couple of young guys who got for us a nice green viper of which I took some cool shots.

@onionsack man, everybody there talks to me about you. You’re more popular than the fucking noodles :smiley:


Of course he would be: those noodles are bad.


Someone saw a 100 pacer near Lala mountain.


that´s not someboy. that´s one of the main contributors to this thread :wink:


I’ve never noticed this thread! I should have posted the pic of the snake below my balcony here instead of the Photo thread.


According to this article… I am glad to know that… the ecosystem on the farm is healthy, because… The presence of snakes indicates an ecosystem is healthy… but… but… but having them in your yard can be unsettling and even dangerous, in the case of venomous snakes.

Any volunteer snake expert willing to join and advise ?

East of Taichung city… Dongshi area… on the way to DaXueShan


Ooooh, ok, I have seen most of the thread…
To describe it, I would say…

Length… around 1 meter long…
Gray, light very shiny gray color on the top of the body
Bottom of the body… even lighter grey, almost white
No specific color spots.
Quite a small head… Beautiful eyes…

Can not find anything similar on the website…

Should I invite her for photo selfie session?


Is the head oval, diamond shaped, romboid?

Photo helps. They sell extendable lenses for cellphones, BTW


Ran over a snake on the road from yms to ginshan and one in wanli on two occasions both at night

Think I could have slowed but I didn’t
Had nightmares for awhile of roads surrounded by snakes

Now I drive slower at night to allow more chance for critters

Killed an umbrella snake at my apt in wanli
Still feel bad about it
Wonder if it would have just gone away on its own or it would have made the stairwell its home
Which I didn’t want