The head was oval… That’s all I can say so far
Yep, a photo would be welcome indeed!


Does it have overly large eyes?


Yes, I noticed she had huge eyes

My neighbor knows the Chinese name
He will send it to me soon (and I will share)
Obviously, it is not venomous
This snake is quite large and smells… very bad
And the day before I found myself face to face with it, I noticed the smell on the field!


ok, I got the name…

Depending on what I said to my friend, considering he did not see the snake, but has lived for many years in the area… He thinks this is a 王錦蛇 Wáng jǐnshé

I looked at the photos… and, yes, it is. Elaphe carinata, the king ratsnake (also known as Taiwan stink snake)

Indeed… the smell is horrible! She deserves that name

Elaphe carinata is a large snake with total length up to 240 cm (7.9 ft).
Elaphe carinata is an active, predatory snake that eats everything from beetles to birds to snakes, with particular preference for the latter. (a snake eating other snakes, great!)
The common name of “king ratsnake” refers to its habit of eating other snakes, including venomous species such as the Chinese cobra and the sharp-nosed viper.
Elaphe carinata is one of major species in snake trade in China, particularly in skin trade but also of live animals. ( Yep, the skin is beautiful!)
It is the most commonly available snake in restaurants. (Oooops)

So… venomous or not? obviously not.

I am going to take good care of her. She is welcome in the ecosystem of my farm.


I’m curious about the smell. I don’t think I’ve ever held a snake that had a smell at all. Is it from eating such a variety, living in the wild? Is it common?


The answer is in the link…

The other common names “stink snake” or “stinking goddess” refer to this species’ highly developed post-anal glands which, when the snake is picked up, are frequently emptied, with a very strong, bad odour.

post-anal! hahaha!


OK, so I saw the first DOR of 2018. It’s a pity that the first snake of the year is already a carpet, but well, it’s still good news that I can probably start my night herping hobby again.

Poor bastard.