does look a lot like one, and has the right keeled scales. but the labial scales look a bit different to the species description on page 309 in

I think the snake may have suffered damage to its mouth. Seems to have lost scales there.

Mmm. Zooming in seems like someone chopped her front face off. But she’s obviously still going strong.

Good thing that colubrids are rear fang snakes I guess. And not pit vipers either.

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Their eyes. Some species also called cat eye snakes

I thought this is cat snake

Curious what you think bulldogs, cane toads or clouded leopards are then.

I thought cane toad was a toad you lick and you suddenly go into the clouds and see an old man with canes…

Thats exactly how they escaped into australia…

Clouded leopard

Cane toad



Gee. Perhaps we could get back on topic.


2021-06-29 - Night walk

Tragically killed by one of my farmer neighbors driving his little blue truck.


Beautiful! I’m glad it’s dead though.

No one should hope a taiwanese coral snake is dead. They are treasures here!

@MalcolmReynolds its hard to stay on topic when down south we normally only find cobras, green vipers and kraits. they are beautiful snakes, but come on…at work this year i have only seen cobras. Here, there, everywhere a friggen cobra. I would kill to see even a beauty, cat, wolf or a damn king for that matter. Something other than cobras.

You guys up north have it VERY good for snakes!

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It’s not the best photo in the world, but is this a Hundred Pacer taking a swim?

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If I ever get a chance to fly a plane in taiwan I’m adding check planes for snakes to the pre flight checklist.

Could be. But hard to see really.

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Ok, which one of yous K-Town dwellers is this?

Merely a Cat Snake and you have to call for help?

Also, why bare feet and shorts if it’s so scary?


Not a 100 pacer for sure. They are never that long and sleek.

Body shape looks more keelback/watersnake/ratsnake like.

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“It was like 4:20 in the morning…”

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My cat chased a brown looking snake out once. I don’t know what it is as it slithered away before I could get a good look at it. If only my cat can draw.


Cat snake… or snake cat…