The scales in the head seem to match. So maybe they go through different colour patterns through their lives?

As far as I know, many snakes do change colour schemes as they age. They also have different behaviours at different life stages, due to size changes, so that makes sense.

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Yeah I know, that’s why I mentioned it.

What an interesting way of climbing!

Wow… that’s… weird haha.

Ya. A snake that’s scared of heights

Residents found this in our building’s garage…b2. Fire department came and took it away.

Any idea what kind of snake it was and if it is venomous?

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Not really dangerous.

I think it’s this one:

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I was out walking this morning somewhere between Puzi and Dongshi next to a river when this guy was crossing. I was a bit of a way back and had to zoom in as I didn’t want to get any closer! Can anyone identify? I walk my dog along this path regularly and this is the first snake i’ve seen in 3 years here.

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Taiwan beauty Snake? Maybe?

I cant really tell, but perhaps a king rat. it lacks the patterns of a beauty snake.

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A family member took a look and was certain it is a king rat snake. Glad I saw it from a distance!

They arent dangerous, but they STANK something awful. Careful of the cloaca when catching :joy: