Sneaker pimps taipei. dave white, sbtg, methamphibian

There’s a band called the “Sneaker Pimps”. I’m pretty sure that this band isn’t going to be at “Sneaker Pimps Taipei”, which seems to be a shoe expo that includes some music. Can you confirm this, and perhaps let us know why we might want to go ?

because you have a shoe fetish?

because you are attracted to cho do fu and tallegio cheese?

because you’re incapable of making your own entertainment?

because you really like the Sneaker Pimps and hope they will actually turn up anyway, maybe only to initiate a copyright infringement lawsuit, but what the hell, that’d be a laugh anyway?

becuase it’s raining a lot and there’s naught else on?

because the Linkou Tiger says he will eat you if you don;t go?

these and many other reasons are all valid…