Sniff the mittens,where is he?

did i miss a thread where he explains that he won’t be posting anymore coz he found a life?

He hates your avatar.


Actually STG is writing his dissertation and has a newborn baby to care for.

:blush: ah yeah,i forgot about the baby…

he’s missed…(STG,not the baby…not that i don’t care about the little mitten…but…errrr…you got the gist… :help: )

:raspberry:how dare you putting his lack of posting upon my avatar choice???
i actually thought that maybe STG had been hypnotized by your moon… :wink:

imagine the result,STG,sitting motionless for the past 3 weeks,overgrown beard,skinny as a twig,marinating in a pool of his own shit,staring at your avatar…that would get you another suspension :eh: :shocker: :runaway: