Shareware game called ‘Snood’…
I’m still on the ‘Child’ level. But soon I will be

It’s kind of like the classic ‘Galaga’ video game or whatever that was called way back in the Atari ages…

I’ve beaten all fifteen of the free levels on the puzzle stage. My mother and I used to have arguments whenever we made a comment on each other’s bad moves. I guess by paying you get the aimer, but what’s the fun in that? Especially on the “Let It Snood” and the “Boneyard” puzzle.

Break it down.

A snood is a cloth or net that woman use to keep their hair in place.

Things must be slow in other forums. This is the second time Wolf has wandered over to the Sports/etc. forum is less then 2 weeks.

Just caught my eye, that snood of yours.

This game is a bootleg version of Bust A Move (or Puzzle Bobble). I’m too snoody to play. :snooty: