It’s happening again…

No unregistered posting and already the fizz has gone out of the Open Forum.

Insults, obscenities, and… FUN are all on the decline.

What the hell would you know, anyway? You’re just a #^%$$% Hongker!

What the fukc is wrong with you, Sandpants? Hong Kongers are people too, albeit the tail is a bit odd and the lack of apposable thumbs and fingers takes a bit of getting used to… and the wheezing sound they make when they regurgitate their food to feed their young can be a bit annoying at times, along with the hacking up of phlem. But other than that, and maybe their habit of spitting a lot, they are just like you and…well, like you. :smiling_imp: :arrow_right: :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, bring on the guests.

I want some aggro!

C’mon Sandmother and Wussman if you think you’re hard enough…

all fun and games until someone takes an eye out

and then its just fun and games with one eye.