Snorting and sniffing,

What do you do when your nose starts to run?

  • use a tissue/hankerchief
  • every 20-30 seconds sniff it back up
  • power snort the plegm into your throat and swallow it
  • use your finger

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This is something I’ll never be able to get used to in Taiwanese culture. (not just Taiwanese, but Japanese and Singaporean…)

For those who haven’t noticed yet, its the refusal to use a tissue, so its either a constant sniff to get the mucus back up where it was coming from OR alternatively, they snort it back up so hard they have to have swallowed it.

This is much more annoying that driving habits or meandering slowly along footpaths. Especially if you are trying to concentrate at work or sit an exam

From the title, I thought that perhaps you had met my dog.

It’s when they don’t swallow it but expectorate their glistening green gobs on the street and on the sidewalk that I get really grossed out.

How about red globs, from trucks, in your direction, when your drivin by on the scooter?
I’ve had many close calls :frowning:

Usually I just put a thumb to one nostril and blast away from the other. I can hit the mirror on a parked scooter from about ten paces. Oddly enough perhaps this seems to really impress the ladies.

What I can’t get used to though is female bathroom attendants.

Last week I saw a 30-ish woman take a dump on the sidewalk. I saw the same scene last year. Emergencies I presume, but I wonder how it is that I avoided seeing this in several decades of living in the U.S…?

I’ve mentioned this before, but apparently there is a school of thought here which says that it’s okay to audibly fart at the dinner table.

Get oooout of heeeeere!

I finally realized why Taiwanese never want to walk anywhere. It is because they are constipated and the exercise cures it in a hurry. If you don’t bellive me, take a middle aged Taiwanese for a long walk sometime and see how long it takes before they are scrambling for a crapper or ducking into the bushes.

That lady Screaming Jesus is talking about probably just missed her bus, and, being stingy as hell, decided to walk home.

Get oooout of heeeeere![/quote]

Yeah, I’ve seen that too. :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

What gets me is when you see a real beauty and then she starts picking her nose or hoicking a lugie, eeeek, what a turn off, well it would be if I weren’t already married. :blush: :astonished: :astonished:

What about those that snort it up into their throats and then reach for a tissue to spit it in to. :s

Last one. Those that think their clothes are tissue paper. :astonished:

What’s worse? Someone hoiking a greenie on the street or accidently touching a wet tisue stuck in the armrest of a taxi?

One time when I was a kid we tried to make shit. We put eggs, sand, ketchup, mustard, milk, yogurt, peanuts, flour etc into a big pile and then stirred it up, but somehow it never quite smelled right so…

I once saw a teenage boy have nose to mouth ‘suction’ given by his mum cos he couldn’t get his phelgmy snot out. She would literally suck it out of the kid’s nasal cavity. It was a sight to see.

This is a really gross thread. Although I would have to agree that the Taiwanese are quite odd when it come to there phlegm and bowel movements. I have some students that when they fart in class they have to announce it to everyone. They subsequently get kicked out for a few minutes. Until the odor leaves there pants.

Now THAT has me reaching for a handful of tissues to wipe up my half-digested lunch from the keyboard… yuck!

The situation here is wonderful compared to China. Be glad you are not there.

[quote=“wolf_reinhold”]The situation here is wonderful compared to China. Be glad you are not there.[/quote]Amen to that.

I once saw a woman take a dump on the street in Buffalo, but I digress;

When I lived in Xian, PRC, I saw a toddler, helped by his mom, take a huge dump right on the sidewalk of a busy street. My friend and I were sitting close by having a beer when this “went down” and in our tight state we had much enjoyment watching passersby having near misses with the glob. Finally, a hot xiajie in heels, with her equally fashionable boyfriend stepped right in it.

That being said, as a child I had a dog and a pool so I’ve had a couple of barefoot encounters myself. I guess I have no right to judge.