Snow Fever

What is up with chinese ladies and their “snow fever?” They don’t like brothers? Why are they always chasing white men? When they see a handsome black man like myself they run away or invent excuses as to why they’re busy, and I’m sick of it.

I ask you, what’s a brother to do?

Maybe it’s you.

My absentee African-American roommate (He rents here but lives with his GF) has always been popular with the local ladies. Probably more so than any paler-complexioned Casanovas that I know of.


Well with a name like that maybe a bit too “confident?” Just kidding.

Can you provide more details though. Maybe it’s a question of perception? Just a thought.


That reply was to be expected, I suppose. Try thinking a little outside the box there, sparky. No, see, I’m looking beyond that. I’m not so stupid that I failed to first consider that and then rectify whatever needs rectifying.

fred, an example. Let’s see. I’ve been told my penis is too big up front, the woman said she would never date a man with such a large penis. Now, that’s just wrong all over. a) we had just met. I do not discuss sexual relations with ladies I just meet, nor do I let them look at the package until we have dated for a few months. b) she’s treating me like a stereotype right off the bat. How ignorant is that? I’ve seen plenty of brothers at both ends of the size spectrum in the locker room. Same with the white dudes. I called her on all her b.s… She finally admitted she liked white men more. Said they smelled all “milky”. The hell?

the name is for a brand i have on my shoulder, not for my perception of myself, btw.


Well, I suppose that many Chinese get their racial stereotypes from the West and one of those stereotypes is that Black men have big penises. Now in the States that probably gets you more action but here… I guess I don’t know smaller build. Whatever.

Where did you meet said Chinese woman? In Carnegies? If so, I can say you got what you deserved by going there. No actually it is a fun place and I don’t mean that, but I have had Chinese women barge into conversations that I am having with friends and demand to know what I do for a living. I always tell them “English teacher” and they scornfully sneer at me and run off. So there may not only be the one stereotype in question going on here. Just a thought. But I think most people are open to going out with anyone. That said, their parents etc. might have a problem with it, though I do not know of anything like this happening personally.

Anyway, Taiwan can be a very fun place so I hope this does not become a major issue for you or a negative that ruins all the good there is to love about living in Taiwan.


To tell the truth, I’m white, and I’ve had fathers say that they wouldn’t have their daughters going out with me, not because I’m white or black but because I’m not Chinese.

Girls giving that “no time” excuse is sometimes a fear of what “let’s go back to my place” could lead to. They are excited and scared at the same time, so they back out.

Run away. Taiwanese girls, not all, but some, are shy and emotionally immature and therefore have a tendancy to behave like school girls.

Or perhaps, it could be you. :wink:

Well, actually Sungod:

Can you give us more details other than that? I mean it does not really provide enough information for us to determine whether you are being oversensitive or the people in question are really being that rude. Happy to offer my two cents (as always haha) so give us a little more to go on.


Fred, I’m surprised at your involvement on this thread! I smell a troll…

Yeah, right! :unamused:

Actually Alien:

I normally would not be involved on these kinds of threads but I thought I was clicking on the political correctness one and I opened this one instead. Oh well. The other ones are too quiet today anyway. That said, back to work for me.


yeh, of course, it’s a troll. wise up everyone.

first, he just joined. that gives it away. JOINED 9-17. Anyone who trolls like this has just signed up as a troll. it’s obvious, sungod. give us a break

  1. he doesn’t talk.write black.

  2. it’s trollday, every webnesday is TROLL DAY. connect the dots, read between the lines, listen to his accent.

  3. it’s just a bunch of cockamamie bs…

The large penis thing. Sounds like the guys on tealit who were complaining about Taiwan’s condoms being too small.

Is Wednesday troll day? Is there something I am missing out on here? But careful though. How does someone write “Black?”


[quote=“formosa”]2. he doesn’t talk.write black.


What on earth is that supposed to mean. What, he sounds educated? What are you trying to say? I could say that you don’t write like a straight man.

Just because someone doesn’t fit your stereotype it doesn’t mean that they are not what they say they are. Making an assumption about a persons ethnic origin on the basis of how someone talks or writes is extremely unfair and uncalled for.

Okay. Point made. Let’s drop the discussion though since if we start getting after Formosa for this one little comment then the whole purpose of the troller is achieved right?

All I can say is my willy’s like an ocean-going liner’s hawser and I’ve never had any problems with the ladies. Now, if you want to start talking about finding trousers that fit…

Yeah Sandman I know what you mean about not finding big enough trousers, except in my case its trying to get something that I can shove my damned beerbelly into. In fact, one night when I was in Carnegie’s talking to this girl… she told me that she would never sleep with Sandman because he was too damned big… So I guess that makes you Black? By the way, do you have trouble buying condoms as well?

Complete the sentence: My penis is so big that…

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What on earth is that supposed to mean. What, he sounds educated? What are you trying to say? I could say that you don’t write like a straight man.[/quote]

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Yeah, though. Blacks don’t write in ebonics you nincompoop! :imp:

Ebonics, for those of you who didn’t swallow a dictionary this morning, is [n] a nonstandard form of American English spoken by some American Black people.