Snowboard and Snow Ski Taiwan

Is this some type of moving practice floor or simulator and where is it?

Little Ding Dong has an indoor “ski resort” :snowboarder: :man_cartwheeling: :man_in_manual_wheelchair:

That’s the only one in the country. It’s very short, and there are no magic carpet or lifts. You spend about 30 seconds getting down, and you drag your ass back up to the top.

I still went twice earlier this year though.

Since COVID, this youtuber shoots most of his videos there.


Um, there’s one literally round the corner from my office

Xihu iSki

There are a couple carpet on a slope kind of chainstore called iSki, although there aren’t that many of them, so you might be giving away where you work :stuck_out_tongue:

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Seems like an absurdly wasteful activity considering the power crunch on the island.

Wherever it is you won’t get a clear run. It’ll be blocked by stoned snowboarders sitting down across the slope who have no idea about skiing etiquette.

I don’t think it’s more wasteful than skating rinks, or completely unsealed costco produce and frozen food sections.

Also, we actually don’t have a power crunch on the island. What happened back in May was a combination of water shortages, pre-summer scheduled maintenance, human error at one of the larger coal power plant, and unusually high peak power consumption for May. We don’t have any of those problems now

If Taiwan was really concerned about power they would turn off the “decorative” lights on the bridges.

The government isn’t doing something simple like turning off unnecessary lights but yet they encourage private users to do it.

Yeah, I thought that would remain open about three weeks but it’s still going.