Snowfall Spot near Taipei?

Hi all

The news is that it has snowed in Yangminshan. Does anyone know if there’s any place there accessible by public transport or not too long by cab where I can see snow?

Was snow in Erziping according to the TV news. But not sure if not melted by now or by the time you get there. Normally you can go there by bus, though might not run because of the weather

Do you have a bicycle? Nice ride up from Danshui to Datunshan. If anywhere will get snow, that spot will.

Only 18.5 km. Go for it! Should take about an hour

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Near 251, Taiwan, New Taipei City, Tamsui District, 水源里

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But it’s snowing.

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Harden the fuck up, man!

Actually light snow where I am now too. Kagoshima. Kinda rare. But earlier today was fun driving


Imagine trying to do that final bit from the car park to the top in the snow…that’s seriously steep.


Shh! Don’t tell him that!

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The tour with one night stay in Taipingshan starts at 6000 NTD. It stays snowy more.


Have you done it? Any tour company you recommend?

No I don’t have a bike. But I’m not gonna bike in this cold. Will a taxi take me to datunshan from damshui (and need one to come back as well!) or is that not recommended ?

Nope. They were talking about it on the news.

Taxi to Yangmingshan would be 1000 ntd at least but there is traffic control. You also need chains for the tires or you won’t make it up the hill.

Better pool some friends, call the cab company and hire a car with driver all day or at least half a day. It can be a very cool outing.

BTW it gets slippery up there. And when the snow melts it turns into a swamp. All mushy. Prepare shoes accordingly.

Just put on your slippers and get a U-bike like this guy did:


Cheaper if you go from Beitou

I guess he will be visiting a hospital to have his frostbite attended to fairly soon.

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Yeah no. I’m not that hippie

As per the news:

Bus lines to Yangmingshan not so bad. It is coming down what makes an issue: they are only 50 meters long.

Taxi charges 100 ntd per person. Not that bad.

So basically bus from Gongguan or Main Station to Yangmingshan parking lot, then mini bus up.

They are warning people it is slippery.

That’s one of those 2.0 bikes. They’re only in a few locations. He must have rode far to get there.

No need to ride. Take the bus.

With this cold, there is plenty of time to see the snow.

And seriously, there are flocks of cyclists in short shorts going up Yangmingshan in the snow. I’ll keep my opinions to myself. :crazy_face:

Yet the all time winner is the kid with the flip-flops riding a YouBike. People are concerned he may have gotten frostbite. :cold_face:

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