So... ARC for an independent software consultant

Ok, so… I’m not gonna lie. I came here to visit and now am severely tempted to stay.

I’m a computer programmer, own my own consulting company, but am currently employed with a company back in the states (which I love). Sadly, that company is unwilling to support my working while living here :/.


If I decide to just go fully independent and find work that I can do remotely I need to know

  1. How do I not get deported (I have a multiple entry visa at this time)
  2. How do I find work? (Most of my work comes from word of mouth or being placed by the agency I work for)

Thank you so much for taking the time to give input/help a brother out! I am falling madly and deeply in love with this country; but need to know I won’t wind up living on the streets if I stay :slight_smile:

See llary’s thread on opening a branch office of a foreign company. You’d need to have a bit of cash in the bank, and your company back in the states must (I think) be a limited company or similar.