So are they going to shave my head?


So I thought I wouldn’t have to shave my head, I will be going on the 5th. I know I have to shave my face like all military. But I’m approved to do only 12 days, actually closely looking at it the mayor of Taipei actually signed of on it. First time I felt like he did anything for me since being mayor. So I was told any basic training makes you shave your head. Some people say I should shave before I go because they botch it when you do it there since they have to shave everyone. Anyone who entered military conscription can tell me if they do shave your head?


wear a bald cap


Haha. It’s for 12 days. I guess it would entirely be possible for me to pull it off wearing a makeup bald head wig like they do for the movies.


Are you on a substitute service?
I have seen guys on substitute service keeping their ordinary hair.


They shave your head to make you feel like a nothing prisoner. Which is what you are if you let them shave your head.


No it’s not a substitute service. I got put in the army. I just only have to be there for 12 days due to my circumstances.


Is it really that bad?
It’s just hair.
It’s also about hygiene, and truth be told, some women think jarhead is sexy.


Then, yes, you shall have your head shaved.
I suggest that you have your hair done before you go. Ask your own barber to make it more stylish like jarhead or something.

Don’t use the barber in the military because they will just trim your hair off without making any style design.


Well, I usually would not have cared too much. But I’m going to Italy with my girlfriend a month after to visit her family and to see Rome, Milan and other places. I want to look good and not bald when I go to Milan, you know what I’m saying.


I don’t think there’s any military requirement to be bald. Just get it cut in a standard high-and-tight and they’ll probably be perfectly happy with that. Have it tidied up a bit before your trip and you’ll be good to go.


I guess the plus side is it probably feels nice in the summer time like that.


Can’t you ask what the height requirement for the hair is and get it cut to the maximum height they allow?