So...Greta Thunberg is being manipulated?

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So you’re saying that her parents are using her to forward some sort of political agenda? How so?

Not following the story closely, but she’s not an adult. She would surely need adult help to further her own agenda, and that would surely entail following the advice of her parents and possibly other adults as well.

May be more honest to say she’s being guided by her parents rather than used by them. A matter of toMAYto, toMAHto, I suspect.


By brainwashing her to be in a constant state of fear thinking the world is about to end? That’s child abuse in my book.

Where’s the evidence of brainwashing? She can’t have her own opinions? She’s 16 and her opinions are automatically invalid?

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This started when she was eight. How many eight-year-olds think the world is about to end because of climate change…unless some adult puts the idea in their heads?

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If she honestly thinks the world is about to end due to climate change - as opposed to arguing for increased urgency in action - then she has mental health issues. If that’s the case then I hope her parents are finding help for her.

Big difference between “I think we should act” and “the world is about to end.”


We’ve been talking about environmental protection for decades now. Does it always have to be ‘Someone put it in their head’? While most eight year olds may be working in their short term self-interest. Not every child thinks the same way either. Some are intelligent past their years and are able to ask the big questions or think critically. Is it not possible? We, in this day and age have access to an alexandrian library’s worth of information in the palm of our hand.

At 10, I lead protests against banning of Game Boys. However, at 10 in the 1990s is certainly a lot more isolated than today’s connected world. I find it doubtful that all older children and adolescents are unable to critically think and that they magically gain the ability when the clock strikes midnight on their 18th birthday.

Edit: Protests were unsuccessful…unfortunately.

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There’s certainly a good point in this. I can agree with this.

Even if an opinion is preposterous, why would that be a mental health issue? Can she not hold an opinion? Is only the right opinion considered sane?

Do you honestly think an eight-year-old independently came up with the idea that civilization is going to end because of climate change? I suppose anything is possible, but my money is on “adult climate activists put the idea in her head.”


But in Greta’s case she’s making an argument tailored for adult consumption, right? That would seem to require some parental supervision - at a minimum.

It’s a mental health issue only if she is fearful, if she’s allowed that fear to interfere with her daily life. It’s a mental health issue because the world is most assuredly not about to end due to climate change. It would be delusional.

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I don’t think it’s impossible. Especially if someone has high-functioning autism. Brain gets wired differently that way. Some people are built differently. Some develop a passion from an inspiration. I just don’t think it’s impossible.

Yeah, most kids are busy picking their noses and working towards their bubble of interests. But I don’t think it’s impossible. I can’t imagine on the last day of 17 we turn over a new leaf tomorrow. Going by this logic, if the under-18 crowd has opinions, they’re obviously a plant, otherwise the 17 year old is a blank state.

Or maybe that’s how we learn. From JK to Grade 13, don’t we spend 8 hours a day having adults plant knowledge into our minds?

Are buxiban teachers here not planting knowledge of English and related topics into children’s minds?
I had parents who guided me towards thinking for myself on all issues. Where and when does it become acceptable?

A lot of parents in Canada and the US (including my own) teach children that living in Canada/USA are among, if not the best places in the world to grow up and had taught me about the poor living conditions, those in former soviet satellite states had to endure. Was that a plant too? Our parents grew up in in a time where there was real fear of the world ending through nuclear destruction. There were protests by young and old alike. Were they mentally unstable as well?

So, who put ideas into your head when you were eight?

Isn’t it the case that in the West adolescence in 2019 has now stretched beyond the age of 18?

Point is that, imo, it’s more likely that any young American is - at age 16 - closer to adolescence than adulthood. By a mile.

She could be an exception, I guess, but it would not seem unreasonable to conclude that she’s being led by well-meaning parents into a digital society where (unfortunately) grievance is currency.

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Marco you’ve taken the bait. This is a way to entice you into outrage culture. It’s a non-story used as bait to bring out reactions from crystal hearts and douchebags. Find a kid like Taylor Wilson to defend not this nonsense.

Who knows! While the law has set it at 18, (16 for Scotland), development can be different for everyone. We’re equal under the law, but inherently born unequal.

I can appreciate this opinion.

I would be more concerned about the mental state of people who don’t think climate change is a threat to civilization at this point.


What bait? I’m just having an honest and respectful discussion while listening to the opinions of other people. Statements were made, and I asked genuine questions because I genuinely want to hear what other people have to say. :wink:

Can’t get me outraged so easily. :wink:

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She should visit cities in India and China. And she can come overland, no need to fly.

I’m more concerned for those that support Trudeau and Globalism et al as things that they portray as being workable :face_with_monocle::scream:

Sure, but climate change is way down the list of threats to civilization. At least, it’s way down on the list of threats that can be mitigated.

Ballparking here, but I think ebola in Africa is a far greater threat to civilization than climate change. Far more imminent and far more deserving of human response. At least medical science is likely advanced enough to end the threat posed by ebola. We have zero evidence that anything we can possibly do will reverse or even halt climate change.

I’d understand if Greta were frightened of ebola. If she’s truly frightened of climate change, then I think it’s likely some adult slotted that fear in her head way, way above its ranking.

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