So...Greta Thunberg is being manipulated?

Being gifted is more or less the exact opposite of autism plus FAS.

But mundanes can’t always see the difference.

What this sort of thing is all about:

The phrase “useful idiot” applies.

It has not been proven that she has foetal alcohol syndrome and this has only been speculated by detractors and publications who disagree with her. I certainly can’t imagine that their ‘diagnoses’ are anything short of biased. They are also not doctors either.

Autism on the other hand does not affect everybody who has it equally. Autism is not always an impairment and on a high functioning level can certainly enhance skills and knowledge. Giftedness can present itself to people with Autism. I think you’re doing yourself a disservice with such a narrow-minded view by calling it an ‘opposite’ of giftedness on a particularly complex condition that, in certain forms, is merely a different way of thinking.

@rowland you’re smarter than that.


I had hippy parents, so I was a bit feral. :grin:


I think for me, I care about the environment but I don’t trust the politics of it. I do believe humans do change the climate to a certain extent, but not as much as they say like in 12 years.

I do believe we have a moral obligation to take care of the earth and pollution is just bad. I’ve even installed solar panels on my own. But I understand they are expensive and you can’t expect everyone to get them.

I also see climate change become part of social justice like with he green new deal. I saw how politicians have no idea how to even tackle it and make things worse like Taiwan when they took away nuclear and wanted to go green. It’s not easy and we burned more coal to keep up energy demand. Same thing was happening in Germany and they really screwed the coal industry workers as well without much help for them.

I also see politicians like Maccron use it and people are pissed.

Was? Mr. Milker ?

This is a valid point. I remember being around ten and thinking, “Why do adults constantly treat kids my age like idiots.” The patronizing attitudes of adults toward kids drove me crazy when I was that age.

I think there was a good amount of hysteria around that issue. I remember my freshman year in high school, a famous anti-war activist came and gave a speech about the dangers of the nuclear arms race. She was trying her best to scare the daylights out of the students and make little activists out of us, but we were all like, “Meh.”

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I appreciate your concern. :grin:

No, no. Now I’m tame as a pussycat.

I’m smarter than that, and that’s exactly why I’m not buying any of it.

To the mundanes, a different way of thinking is either genius or a mental defect, depending on some sort of coin that gets flipped in the mundane’s head. They simply can’t tell the difference. Mundanes are binary on a cognitive level: everyone else is either just like me or not at all like me. On an emotional level, they’re more complex, but that’s only because they don’t submit their emotions to the rigors of logic.

The global warming movement is cynically using her as a human shield because they can’t make their case on merit. We can all see that. She is not some sort of super genius. She’s just another deluded snowflake with a collection of mental issues. It didn’t help that they started brainwashing her at age eight, although most kids don’t fall for that bullshit anywhere near this hard.

And now she’s high on narcissistic supply. A toxic cloud of smug hovers around her. It’s the same vibe as Bubbette before she got put in her place.

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Then I realized: most kids my age are idiots. These adults look at us and all they see are a bunch of short people. So I get lumped in with the rest of the munchkins in their minds.

It took me a bit longer to accept that most adults are idiots as well. I didn’t want to believe it - it was too depressing.

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Then I would suggest if your(or anyone’s) talking points are rock solid, there shouldn’t be any need to bring up mental health, appearance or any other irrelevant items. Let’s talk about what she(or anyone else) says and debate the ideas.

If her detractors are going to focus on that, it tells me they have no valid talking points, cause they are too busy focused on hearsay and allegation. That’s not fact or proof. The fact is, we’re all built differently with strengths and weaknesses. We can be utter savants at one thing while failing at another. I haven’t expressed my opinions on the matter. I’ve only expressed opinions on how we debate this.

This is the same in my opinion as if people question your qualifications about pregnancy or abortions, simply because you are a guy. Or African-American issues. There are people who think that it’s ok to shut people out of the conversation cause of skin colour.
He’s white, so he’s not able to know what he’s talking about.
She’s a child, so she’s not able to know what she’s talking about.
He’s a straight young man, so he’s not able to know what he’s talking about.
She’s a foreigner, so she’s not able to know what she’s talking about.

Let her speak, let us scrutinise.


Then do please help those millions of kids in evangelical families.

I think their parents might take issue if I did that. You’re welcome to try though. :sunglasses:

So are all the high school students protesting in Hong Kong also being manipulated? Probably, if you ask the CCP.


And yet, in hindsight: it turns out that the world actually was on the brink of nuclear war - two or three occasions, IIRC - so perhaps the hysteria wasn’t entirely unjustified.

However misguided the hippies might have been at the time, one has to wonder how much influence they had on making the world a (slightly) safer place today. There’s no way of knowing for sure, of course, but I find it hard to believe they had no impact at all on global policy.


That is teh issue. We have all these cults, let to roam wild, on the basis of a belief in some imaginary being. Yet that belief dictates policies.

These people feel they have moral higher ground when they cut help to poor people, when they say AIDS and hurricanes are punishment from God. We shake our heads or agree depending on what we believe in.

So the “new religion” of climate change also pushes for legislation and economic changes. Same difference. Is it?

The New Earth theorists that deny fossils, the people who deny melting glaciers, same difference? The interpretation of weather data into climate patters is also shaped by beliefs. Science has become a matter of perspective. Nowadays, we can´t agree on whether the Earth is round or that people landed on the Moon -another conspiracy enacted by thousands of people, as per some believers.

Kids nowadays look around and see rampant fires and hurricanes and ask for an explanation. According to their parents ideology, the answer may be “we are masters of the world and hence we can do with it as we please because that is God´s will” or “we are part of the world, we live in it, and if it is dirty, we should clean it up”, they will have that as a basis for their worldview. As you stated, they may rebel or follow it, depending on whether it benefits them, they have a positive experience with it.

My generation of kids grew up antiwar because we saw families being blown up. We also believe we have to take care of the environment because we have seen the species disappear in our region, the most beautiful ones, like golden frogs, blue parrots and rare orchids, due to deforestation. We are also pro organic hippie stuff because we have suffered the effects in our bodies from chemical discharges. Same with going to a beach and finding it full of garbage. The younger generations have a different worldview.

I was reading on a Lebanon civil war survivor giving his opinion about preppers. He said that if a person´s reaction to catastrophe is to blow up his neighbor, that´s a problem. A kid wants to draw attention to the alternatives we have. It is the 21st century, we should be having flying cars and that is not going to happen with gasoline engines. This is not steampunk sci fi. This is our world. You talk about her being manipulated, as if she or her parents invented this issue. manipulation is being coerced into supporting the same system of doing things 200 years later, me thinks. And denying we have any problem destroying our environment. Alas, that is also a matter of perspective.


Possibly, but in times like that, cool heads would seem much more useful than hysteria, and scaring children doesn’t seem like a very productive use of time and resources.

I’d say not much, but they did produce some pretty good music, and that’s certainly something.

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So you’re saying all religions should be banned? :wink:

This is why separation of church and state is so important.

There’s a big difference between looking dispassionately at the data and scaring children by telling them that the end of human civilization is imminent. The latter is child abuse.

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At least we shoudl be aware of teh bias and realize our view is not “word of God”.

Well, ask who started the fear mongering, who wants the “world” to end. It is not the “world” that it end, it is us. One side wants it, another wants to prevent it.

Hunger calls.

Hey, you’re preaching to the atheist choir. :sunglasses:

In Scotland, at sixteen, you can vote, join the army and get married. So I think at that age you are quite capable of making your own decisions.